Guest storyteller Santoshi Mann returns with another story from her collection, My Little Ancient Indian Village

Sunshine-coloured mangoes, magical rice pudding and legs as long as spaghetti… we hope you’ve had your lunch already, because otherwise today’s Storytime video might make your tummy rumble!

This week, we’re delighted to welcome back guest storyteller Santoshi Mann with another story from her children’s collection, My Little Ancient Indian Village. An alumnus of our Critical Mass playwriting programme, Santoshi today celebrates the launch of her new YouTube channel with the tale of Angry Little Bhim – a boy who lets his temper get the better of him. Check it out and keep an eye out for more videos coming soon!



Would you have eaten the mangoes or rice pudding from Bhim’s cousin? Do you have a favourite food you just can’t resist? Let us know what you’ve been munching recently…