This week's story by Daniel Errico is full of ideas for unusual pets

What sort of animal would you choose to keep as a pet?

This week’s story is Daniel Errico’s I Want a Monkey, and it’s all about a boy called Wally who is trying to decide what pet he’d like his dad to get for him. Tune in at 2.30pm on Tuesday to watch the video below. If you’d like to read along, you can also find the full text of the story on the Free Children’s Stories website.

Do you have any unusual pets at home? Or is there a dream pet you’d love to have? We’d love to hear about them, so please do share your stories and pictures with us via FacebookTwitter or Instagram.

Header image: Phayre’s Leaf Monkey calling by Md. Tareq Aziz Touhid, used under Creative Commons Licence 4.0