Satinder Chohan's Made in India will be available on Facebook and YouTube from 16-30 June

Following our YouTube streaming of Under the Umbrella this week, we’re excited to be teaming up again with our friends at Tamasha to share our 2017 production Made in India online.

Co-produced by the Belgrade Theatre and Tamasha in association with Pilot Theatre, Satinder Chohan’s Made in India premiered in Coventry from 24 January-4 February 2017. Directed by Katie Posner, the show was an important stepping stone for our 2021 Co-Artistic Director Corey Campbell, who served as Assistant Director under the Regional Theatre Young Director Scheme.

This powerful play about motherhood centred on the commercial surrogacy industry in India, which had come to be regarded as the world’s “surrogacy hub” until a change in legislation in 2016.

In a surrogacy clinic in Gujarat, three women meet.

It’s Londoner Eva’s last chance for motherhood. For village girl Aditi, surrogacy is a lifeline out of poverty. For clinic owner and businesswoman Dr Gupta, it’s all just another transaction.

But with the backdrop of profound global forces, can it possibly remain that simple?

Made in India will be streamed via YouTube and Facebook page from 16-30 June.  Check out the YouTube premiere below, or head to our Facebook page to watch from 7.30pm on 16 June.

This production will be free to watch online, but if you would like to support our work, you can make a donation here.