Get creative with crazy costumes designed to stand out from the crowd

Mention the word “pantomime” and one of the first things that springs to mind for most people is the image of a Dame – the comedy female character played by a man which is a staple feature of every British panto.

Often a mother, step-mother or even step-sister to one of the other key characters, the Dame is always flamboyant and funny. She’s usually on the side of the goodies, but can be one of the baddies in some stories. For example, in Sleeping Beauty and Puss in Boots, the Dame was the mother to our Comic character, and part of the hero team. In Cinderella, meanwhile, there are two or even three Dames – the two Ugly Sisters, and sometimes their mother, too.

Along with the comic, the Dame does a lot of interacting with the audience. In our pantomimes at the Belgrade, we always have a “slosh scene”, where the Dame, and usually the Comic, ask a man from the audience to come up on stage with them, and everyone ends up getting a bit messy!