This week's activity asks you to imagine you're designing the costumes for a new stage production.

Every Wednesday during the lockdown, we’ll be taking the opportunity to share some of our fantastic educational resources with you, including videos about a wide range of careers at the Belgrade, and activities and projects for you to try at home.

Today’s activity asks you to imagine that you’ve been tasked with creating the costumes for a new stage production. There are a lot of things to consider, from the setting of your story to how freely the actors wearing them will need to be able to move. Check out our videos below for some tips!

In our first video, Phizzical Artistic Director and Belgrade Theatre Senior Producer Sâmir Bhamra shows the development of a design for one of the costumes in Bring on the Bollywood, a comic romantic romp filled with vibrant costumes and energetic dance, heavily inspired by Bollywood cinema.