Exploring how learning from earlier this year can promote wellbeing during our second lockdown

As the UK heads into its second national lockdown, the ongoing uncertainty continues to take its toll on people’s mental health. That’s why this November, we want to focus our attention on wellbeing, and learning the lessons from our previous lockdown experience.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be reflecting on some of the successes of the summer, and working with Underground Lights Community Theatre as well as other friends and partners to look at how we can better take care of ourselves and each other in times of crisis.


Video: City Warm Up with C-DaRe

Mon 9 Nov, 8.30am

Emma Meehan from Coventry University’s Centre for Dance Research guides you through a gentle, relaxing warm-up from a beach in Ireland. This video warm-up draws on her own explorations in body awareness, informed by forms called Authentic Movement, Body Mind Centring and Amerta Movement.


Online Exhibition: Creativity Unlocked

Launching on Tue 10 Nov

Underground Lights Community Theatre members showcase their creative projects undertaken during the first lockdown as a teaser of a bigger, in-person exhibition once lockdown lifts


Blog: Lockdown Leaders

Wed 18 Nov

A look back at how our participants and partners stepped into new roles during the first lockdown, taking a lead on their own creative projects.


Video: Being Thankful – Coronavirus Time Capsule

Thu 19 Nov

During the first lockdown, the Belgrade Theatre and Grapevine worked with a group of young people to create a Coronavirus Time Capsule – a weekly series of videos documenting their experiences and feelings about the situation. In addition to the main series, dedicated group member went on to create some extra video content of her own, on the theme of thankfulness, which you’ll be able to watch this month.


Video: What We Learned – Lockdown Lessons with our Over 50s

Fri 20 Nov

Belgrade Arts Gymnasium participants discuss their experiences of lockdown and the learning that they hope to carry forwards.


Podcast: Lockdown Lessons

Wed 25 Nov

Belgrade staff look back on what we learned from our first lockdown experience in the latest of our fortnightly podcasts.


Video: Dear Black Women

Date TBC

Serena Flaidbury presents a toolkit for overcoming trauma aimed at supporting Black women. Adopting an Afrocentric perspective, her work caters to those who may be less well served by Western systems of healing. This event is also part of our ongoing Black Futures programme.


Video: Body Mindfulness Meditation

Date TBC

Ank’KaRa Ashé guides audiences through a meditation you can try at home, followed by a discussion about spirituality. This event is also part of our ongoing Black Futures programme.


Video: Static and Curtis Liburd in Conversation

Date TBC

Local grime artists Static and Curtis Liburd discuss music and mental health for young Black men, followed by a short performance of some of their songs. This event is also part of our ongoing Black Futures programme.


Underground Lights Sharing

Fri 4 Dec

Underground Lights Community Theatre share some of the creative work they’ve been developing over the last few months in an online Zoom event.