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Making Memories

Making Memories

Supporting local families in need to experience the magic of theatre

Our fundraising target for 2023 is to raise £12,000 to support 750 people (approximately 150 families) to access theatre at the Belgrade.

A visit to the theatre is a magical experience that can create treasured memories that last a lifetime. Unfortunately, due to financial hardship, illness or trauma, many families across Coventry and Warwickshire are unable to experience the magic of theatre.

That’s where our Making Memories campaign comes in. Set up in 2012, Making Memories funds opportunities for local families in need to access theatre, ensuring that no child need miss out on the benefits that engaging with the arts can bring.

Tickets are allocated via referral through Coventry Foodbank, with the help and support of other charitable organisations across the city.

In 2022 you raised an amazing £13,494 – enabling 721 tickets to be offered so that 177 families could enjoy our Panto. Families like just like Alex’s….

Alex is 8 years old and lives in Coventry with their mother and little sister. The family have recently been through some difficult times. During the summer holidays the housing Alex’s family were staying in caught fire. This left Alex, their mother and little sister homeless and so they have needed to stay in a bed and breakfast. Alex suffers with asthma and is often hospitalised due to their condition. Alex is always smiling no matter what challenges they have to over-come and watching Cinderella will be a wonderful way for the family to enjoy themselves and have a lovely time together.

You can continue to donate to Making Memories online by moving the slider below. If you wish to donate more than the donation slider will allow, please click on the DONATE: £0 button and then ‘Edit’ when in the basket. Thank You.

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